YES Let’s! Kids Raise Their Voice

For the last decade US Squash ‘s focus has been rooted in its four core objectives: access, community, excellence and sportsmanship. This remains the case today, and now, kids have the opportunity to raise their voice in a direct conversation with US Squash President & CEO Kevin Klipstein. The newly established Youth and Excellence in Squash (YES) Advisory Committee will seek input, ideas and collect central concerns of junior squash players in the U.S.  The committee will meet quarterly to discuss the issues and challenges faced by kids in squash and in youth sports. Interested junior players are encouraged to email Kevin directly at to express his or her interest, including what is most important to them in the sport.

In launching the YES Advisory Committee, US Squash seeks to build an important resource in its effort to continue the healthy development of youth squash in the U.S. and the pursuit of excellence. Valuable insight from the next generation will help connect two key initiatives that are receiving more investment by US Squash: Community Squash and Squash Excellence. These initiatives combine to directly impact increasing access to squash and supporting the ability to pursue excellence regardless of background or means.

Community Squash will grow the sport through a focus on making squash accessible to everyone through community-oriented program models within current facilities, and promoting new community squash facilities serving growing and diverse constituents. Squash Excellence will ensure pathways to excellence are available to the most committed regardless of background, from a range of resources and interconnected programming at the local, regional and national levels including, for example, local junior squads, Regional US Squash Community Affiliate activities and full Specter Center high performance programming.

Can we dramatically increase access to squash and in turn, achieve excellence? We say YES Let’s, together.