US Squash Announces Phased Resumption of Accredited Competition

Accredited US Squash competitions will open for registration over the coming weeks in coordination with the community and local facilities. The phased resumption of competitive play prioritizes safety and fairness, and will continue to evolve with changes in local, state and federal guidelines and based on feedback from the squash community.

During the summer and fall, squash facilities started to open with limited options for play. The allowed types of participation have now expanded in many areas, with some facilities ready for full competition. Now, where allowed by government and facility regulations, US Squash will accredit play in local and regional tournaments with the results posting to player profiles and impacting their US Squash rating. Facilities and regions may also run accredited league play, including box leagues, team leagues and ladders, all of which will also impact ratings.

Player rankings – which have been frozen since March 11, 2020 – will be released on an interim basis based off player ratings instead of the prior system of junior tournament ranking points.

Phase 2, which includes the initial restart of local and regional accredited competition as described on the restart page, and ratings-based rankings, begins on October 7, 2020.

All accredited competition will adhere to government regulations and US Squash guidelines for safety protocols and risk mitigation as described below. Furthermore, US Squash recognizes that each area of the country and specific facilities have varied rules and protocols, and families have different risk factors and willingness to engage in competition. For these reasons, the competitive opportunities and structure are designed to provide flexibility for different levels of engagement and participation.

Information is now available on the US Squash website regarding:

  • Competition Types
  • Ratings-based Rankings
  • Player/Spectator/Facility Safety Guidelines

Please see here for details regarding the return to competition:

During the return to any form of competition, it is incumbent on the entire community – players, facilities, administrators, coaches, and families – to work cooperatively to ensure the best and safest possible experience. While it’s been said many times before, the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges that we must face through creative solutions, patience, and understanding. There almost certainly will be changes of course along the path before prior models of competition are possible again, and some of those models may be forever altered.

US Squash remains deeply grateful to the all members of the squash community for their commitment to the sport, and for their input throughout the process of planning for a return to play and competition. Stay informed with the most recent updates and information on the COVID-19 and return-to-play section of the US Squash website here.