US Squash to Host Annual Meeting of the Members June 18

In accordance with the Association By-laws, ARTICLE IV, Section 1, the Association hosts an Annual Meeting of the Members. This year the meeting will be held via Zoom, June 18th, at 5pm ET.

US Squash members can register for the meeting here. Members will receive a link to the meeting once registered.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect Directors duly nominated by the Board upon recommendation by the Nominating and Governance Committee to fill upcoming vacancies on the Board, as well as to consider any other business brought before the membership in accordance with the By-laws.  There are four (4) positions available July 1, 2020, three of which are re-nominations of currently service Directors, including Joe Dworetzky, Linda Robinson, and Sandy Tierney. The new nominee to serve as a Class 1 Director is Nick LePore. Read more about the nominees on the Board of Directors page.

During the meeting, an update on the state of the organization will be given by Chairman of the Board Mark Pagon and President & CEO Kevin Klipstein, joined by Vice-chair of the Board Soo Venkatesan and Vice President of Programs & Events Kim Clearkin for a question and answer session.