These are serious times. And this is a time to be clear and unequivocal – US Squash stands with all of the individuals and organizations that have condemned the brutal and persistent racially motivated violence and injustice we see in our country. 

While US Squash is not a social change organization, our programs and the programs we support affect people who bring about change. It is our belief that through sport, the benefits of developing deep cross-cultural understanding can move us towards a more tolerant and just society. This only happens when there is equal access and opportunities to have shared experiences, so we are more committed than ever before to our support for community squash programs in the broadest sense.  

US Squash’s Community Affiliate Program recognizes and supports facilities that increase access by integrating junior, adult, scholastic, and squash and education initiatives in an innovative and sustainable way. There is nowhere this approach will be more embraced than at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center, which is our opportunity to physically place US Squash within a neighborhood and bring the entire community of all races, religions, backgrounds together under one roof to learn from each other. We are grateful for our deep partnerships with Drexel University and SquashSmarts, and will continue to support in partnership, the important work the students, alumni, staff and volunteers of urban squash and education programs do on a daily basis all across the country. 

We will also listen, learn, and strive to live our values of integrity, inclusiveness and innovation through our people and programs every day. I welcome your input on what more US Squash must do. You can reach me directly at

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Kevin D. Klipstein
President & CEO, US Squash

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