Peter S. Briggs

(1951- )

One of the greatest left-wall players in doubles history, Peter Briggs was renowned as both a gutsy sharpshooter and a brilliant junior coach. At Harvard he won two national intercollegiate titles and played number one for three straight years, leading the Crimson to three undefeated seasons. He won one national title, one Gold Racquets, one Harry Cowles and the 1976 Mexican nationals, before becoming the third amateur player to turn pro. He also headed the U.S. team that played in the 1977 world championships. In doubles, the wily southpaw proved to be extremely versatile. He won a national title with Ralph Howe and as a pro won two North American Open titles, three Cambridge Club Doubles and two Gold Racquets. In 1984 he swept through the doubles circuit, winning the national mixed with Joyce Davenport, the Johnson with Gul Khan, the NAO with Mark Talbott and the Elite with Dave Johnson. After starting a varsity team at Cornell, Briggs returned home in 1988 and has worked as a pro at the Apawamis Club ever since. His junior program is renowned for its breadth and depth, with an immense number of participants and a talented elite of national champions. Briggs’ emphasis on leadership is seen in the fact that more than sixty high school and college team captaincy positions have been filled by one of his Apawamis proteges.

National Singles Champion 1976
National Doubles Champion 1976
National Mixed Doubles Champion 1984
North American Open Doubles Champion, 1984, 1995