Edward C. P. Edwards

(1958- )

One of the most devastatingly brilliant players in US Squash history, “Ned” Edwards was a giant of the 1980’s professional hardball tour. Imaginative, quick and intense, he had the rare gift of both power and touch. A protege of Al Molloy at Penn and the number one ranked amateur in 1979 and 1980, Edwards produced a superlative pro career. He won the Boston Open in 1985 (15-14 in the fifth in the finals) 1986 and 1991. Edwards was ranked number two on the tour for six years and set the standard for international play by leading US teams in five world championships. Edwards was the only hardball player to consistently challenge his arch-nemesis Mark Talbott, winning a third of their matches and some years being the only tour player to beat him. On the doubles court, Edwards played either wall with his consummate style and won numerous tournaments including three North American Opens, three Johnsons, one Cambridge and one Elite.

North American Champion 1987