Amrit Kanwal

Amrit is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MFS Investment Management® (MFS®); he joined MFS in 2009. Previously, Amrit was Senior Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Putnam Investments. Amrit also previously served as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy for Sequa Corporation of New York, managing all merger and acquisition activity. Prior experience includes senior strategy and corporate development roles at Pepsi-Cola International and Miller Brewing Company.  He earned a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, MBA from the University of Southern California.

An accomplished badminton player as a youth, he took up the sport in his late thirties and is now a regular on the singles and doubles courts. He served many years on the board at Boston based SquashBusters, the founding urban youth squash program and is also the current Chairman of the Board of the Squash and Education Alliance.

Boston, MA