US Squash player ratings will be frozen between now and July 17 while enhancements to the US Squash rating algorithm are implemented. Large data sets of new match information will be imported to the system during this time and duplicate accounts will be merged, further increasing rating accuracy. Among the changes to the system will be an added requirement for a player to have at least one win and one loss before receiving an initial rating, which will ensure players are in the correct rating range before additional results affect the ratings of other players.

Daily rating updates will resume on July 17. Players can expect their rating to remain similar to before the freeze, though some minor movement may be seen. During the rating freeze, junior points-based rankings will continue to calculate weekly and all seeding and cut list calculations will continue as normal.

The US Squash rating algorithm is a world-leading measure of playing level hosted through its Club Locker technology platform. All recorded friendly and accredited match results from the preceding 45 months —including ladders, leagues and tournaments—factor into a player’s rating. The rating also takes into consideration how recently a match was played, the total number of matches played, the relative ability of one’s opponents, and the game score of a match (3-0, 3-1, 3-2).