Club Locker is a technology platform representing a major step forward for the squash community. Its flexible, mobile-first services were first developed to fulfill US Squash’s varied internal technology needs in service of its members, clubs, and partners.

The investment to create Club Locker was initially funded by private donations and program resources with the goal of creating a sustainable system that provides the infrastructure to support programs and US Squash’s core goals of access, community, excellence and sportsmanship.

What Club Locker Does

The original roll-out of Club Locker technology occurred in 2014 and since then, Club Locker has expanded to contain a range of integrated functions serving individuals, clubs, organizations and federations. The software encompasses all aspects of tournament and league management, a flexible rating and ranking system, membership and database management capabilities, facility reservation and program management modules, and dynamic scoreboards and venue displays. Individuals can interact with the app and profiles to follow live scores and their favorite players, find matches, book courts and register for competitions, clinics or lessons.

Global Use and Opportunity

As Club Locker evolved, the opportunity arose to strengthen and support the development of squash beyond the U.S. Club Locker was spun off as its own software firm named Reciprocitie, which licenses it as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product to US Squash and other entities with the opportunity to provide value and connectivity across every aspect of the sport. The World Squash Federation (WSF) as well as the national federations of countries including England, Canada and Finland now use aspects of Club Locker, and the commitment to a common platform allows ongoing collaborative investment aligned with shared mission-based goals.

Different countries and organizations are in varied stages of Club Locker adoption with timelines that phase in use determined by internal country-specific needs. New organizations are supported by Club Locker staff throughout the onboarding process, including requirements collection, training and customization of feature sets.

Each country determines how it will use the system, and the financial models for its own programs. In US Squash’s example, it uses all aspects of Club Locker’s live capabilities such as tournament and league scoring and display, while nearly 200 clubs utilize the reservation, league, and club management capabilities nationwide. All US Squash accredited play is run on Club Locker’s background infrastructure, and the remaining adoption of full customer-facing league and tournament software along with revamped player profiles will be rolled out upon conclusion of the 2018-2019 season.

With the investment made over the past five years, the cost to adopt the system is zero, and the ongoing expense is funded by any charges made through the system. This easy on-boarding and lack of financial risk allows squash organizations and individuals to easily leverage the system to achieve their goals in the sport. To learn more, visit or email