The thirty-eighth annual Intercollegiate Squash Doubles Championships, a unique part of the 2017 United States Open, were completed Sunday with riveting results. Germantown Cricket Club hosted the tournament. Twenty-three teams from nine universities came to Philadelphia: Cornell, Fordham, Franklin & Marshall, George Washington University, Naval Academy, New York University, Notre Dame, Penn and Yale.

Yale sent a record six teams and Notre Dame became the first team to fly to the tournament since it was founded in 1942, but the story of the weekend was that Navy was again the dominant program in intercollegiate doubles. In the men’s final, it was Navy v. Navy. Jack Herold & Senen Ubina, both former winners, teamed up to beat teammates Jonathan Lentz & James Kjorlien. Herold & Ubina sprinted to a two-game lead, then Lentz & Kjorlien stormed back to push it to a fifth game. Herold & Ubina came out ahead, 15-7

Jay Lost & Yohan Pandole of Yale won the men’s consolation.

Lindsay Stanley & Julia Buchholz of Penn took the women’s draw in three. In the mixed doubles, Sanjay Jeeva & Sherilyn Yang of F&M took the title with a fierce display of shotmaking.

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