Women’s Committee

The purpose of the US Squash Women’s Committee is to work towards improving and promoting Women’s squash in the US. Lead by the co-Chairs, regional contacts work together to increase participation in squash by women players.

If you would like to be part of this group, or you have ideas you would like to share please contact your Regional contact or one of the co-chairs.

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Women's Committee Contacts

Position First Name Last Name Email
US Women’s Squash Liaison Narelle Krizek narelle.krizek@ussquash.org
Chair Karen Arango arango.karen@gmail.com
Vice Chair Paulina Rojek parojek@gmail.com 
Secretary Tor Gray tor.gray@gmail.com
City Ambassador Chair, NYC Paulina Rojek parojek@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, NYC Joanne Schickerling joanne@streetsquash.org
City Ambassador, NYC Paulina Rojek parojek@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, NYC Clair Oblamski clairoblamski@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, NYC Andrea Shang andreashang@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Buffalo Sally Russell slrsquash@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Geneva Sanna Koivumaki Koivumaki@hws.edu
City Ambassador, Boston Susan Greene suegreene1@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, DC Margaret Gerety margaret.gerety@gmail.com
City Ambassador, MD/DC Maureen Wylie mwylie10@comcast.net
City Ambassador, DC Mariam Mansoor merme@hotmail.ca
City Ambassador, Baltimore Susan Lawrence susanlawrence.pt@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Richmond Aanika Sethi aanikasethi@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Philadelphia Patti Spackman patricia.spackman@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Philadelphia Tor Gray tor.gray@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Philadelphia Alison Gagnon alison.gagnon@verizon.net
City Ambassador, Philadelphia Lauren West lwest@germantowncricket.org
City Ambassador, Lancaster Maura Umble mcondonumble@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Atlanta Emily Terry emilyterry23@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Atlanta Sara Kapasi sarakapasi4516@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Seattle Amanda Thorman amanda.thorman@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Seattle Gemma Sung swygemma@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Seattle Nina Herman nherman222@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Columbus Caitlin Bennett caitnbennett@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Columbus Molly Brennan molly.mollybrennan@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Detroit Jaz’mene Little jazmeneclittle@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Portland Cristin O’Brien cristinnobrien@gmail.com 
City Ambassador, Portland Kara Hale kara@pastini.com 
City Ambassador, Chicago Leslie Cameron lcameron@carthage.edu 
City Ambassador, Chicago Zainab Molani zmolani96@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Los Angeles Emma Preston emma.rosalind.preston@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Los Angeles Molly Sakahara sakaharamolly@gmail.com
City Ambassador, Sacramento Marilyn Sanders crroseville@gmail.com
City Ambassador, San Francisco Sarah Beresford sberesford1@gmail.com
City Ambassador, San Francisco Libby Eyre libbyeyre@gmail.com
City Ambassador, San Francisco Alyssa Mehta alyssa.mehta@gmail.com
City Ambassador, San Francisco Sophie Mehta sophie.mehta97@gmail.com
College Transition Chair Karen Arango arango.karen@gmail.com
College Transition Emily Terry emilyterry23@gmail.com
College Transition Margaret Gerety margaret.gerety@gmail.com
College Transition Sara Kapasi sarakapasi4516@gmail.com
College Transition Wendy Berry squashwb@gmail.com 
College Transition
Communications Chair Caitlin Bennett caitnbennett@gmail.com
Communications Aanika Sethi aanikasethi@gmail.com
Communications Maura Umble mcondonumble@gmail.com 
Communications Anna Moscovici amwmosco@gmail.com
Communications Emma Preston emma.rosalind.preston@gmail.com
Journey Lines Chair Maureen Wylie mwylie10@comcast.net
Journey Lines Sally Russell slrsquash@gmail.com 
Journey Lines Molly Brennan molly.mollybrennan@gmail.com
Journey Lines Joanne Schickerling joanne@streetsquash.org
Journey Lines Emily Silva eksinpa@gmail.com 
Awards Chair Karen Arango arango.karen@gmail.com
Seedings & Ranking Chair
Seedings & Ranking Carole Grunberg carole.grunberg@gmail.com  
Seedings & Ranking
Howe Cup Chair
Howe Cup Alison Gagnon alison.gagnon@verizon.net
Howe Cup Aubrey White aubreyleighwhite@gmail.com
Howe Cup Julie Kessler julie.kessler2726@gmail.com
Howe Cup Lauren West lwest@germantowncricket.org
Howe Cup Patti Spackman patricia.spackman@gmail.com
Howe Cup Radhika Cobb radhikacobb@gmail.com
Howe Cup Stephanie Walters stephanieteafordwalters@gmail.com
Howe Cup Susan Klein susanklein1015@gmail.com
Howe Cup Tor Gray tor.gray@gmail.com
Howe Cup Whitney Roller whitneyroller@gmail.com
Howe Cup Georgina Stoker georgina.stoker@gmail.com
Howe Cup Julie Walters juliewalters1829@gmail.com
Howe Cup Sally Russell slrsquash@gmail.com 
Women’s Nationals Chair Karen Arango arango.karen@gmail.com
Women’s Nationals Kara Hale kara@pastini.com 
Women’s Nationals