Return on Investment

As a sport for life, we believe squash is the ideal vehicle to improve lives by promoting lifelong health and enabling people to realize the best versions of themselves. Every time we introduce the sport to someone new and provide access to squash, we are changing lives for the better and this is the best return on investment any organization can make.

Backed by a fully integrated and technology platform that supports facilities, clubs, events, leagues and the organization’s operations, initial investments in programs are easily scalable to become self-supporting within a few years.

Unlike other nonprofits and national sports governing bodies, US Squash has created an operating model that offers a strong value proposition to constituents throughout the squash ecosystem, from facility to program director and pro, to the player and their family. As a result, and based on experience from previous initiatives, revenue generated from new program activity offsets the investment costs in seed funding and personnel within 4 to 5 years.

The increased revenue comes from direct membership, participation and accreditation revenues and transactions through the Club Locker system generated through this growth. What is required now is the seed funding to build organizational capacity to start up and support these essential future-looking programs.