Please see below for additional resources that may be of assistance to you as an official at a tournament.

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Activity Log

Every official that would like to be certified at a specific level needs to complete an Activity Log for the season. This details all matches and events that the official has attended as will as all asessments and clinics that have been received or given.

Activity Log


Assessments are a pivotal part of officials development. Every official should receive and give multiple assessments per season.

Assessment Form

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Annual Review

Every official receives an annual review. Before the review he/she should documet their comments on the season in the form below.

Enter Annual Review Officials Comments Here

After the review the officials will receive a copy of their annual review summary which will list their goals for the coming season and their certified level for the season.

Annual Review Summary


If a player, parent, coach, or member observes a violation of a US Squash Policy, Guideline, Code of Conduct or Rule during a US Squash accredited event, he or she is encouraged to report it to the Tournament or Event Director (if applicable) or US Squash staff member if available. Tournament or Event Directors will then take appropriate action at that time, and in addition may in their discretion complete and file an Incident Report with US Squash.  Please click below for more information and how to submit an Incident Report form.

Code of Conduct Incident Report Form


If an official sees an act of exceptionl sportmanship during an event that they are attending they should document it on this form. This information will be included in the end of season sportsmanship awards process.

Exceptional Sportsmanship Form


If there is an incident that is not covered by conduct or sportsmanship, such as injury requiring medical attention, please download this form and send to US Squash at

Incident Reporting

Singles Score Sheet
Doubles Score Sheet