During Your Event

Tournament directors are responsible for the overall onsite management of accredited tournaments. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Be on-site for the duration of the tournament
  • Appropriately staff the event
  • Ensure the timeliness of courts
  • Record all match results
  • Manage issues and resolving conflicts that arise
  • Communicate any conduct issues to US Squash
  • Apply all rules, policies, and guidelines in an unbiased manner
  • Answer questions asked by the players and their families


When hosting an accredited tournament, tournament directors act as a representative of US Squash, and are therefore expected to act in a manner that reflects positively on the organization and provide a fair, positive, and meaningful experience for all participants.



If you require adults to referee matches after they finish their game, you should consider providing referees for the first round of matches. If you do not wish to pay for official referees it is worth reaching out to your club members and or local clubs and committee to get volunteers to sign up.


All junior events require players to referee matches after they finish their game, it is also a requirement that tournaments provide referees for the first round of matches. If you do not wish to pay for official referees it is worth reaching out to your club members and or local clubs and committee to get volunteers to sign up.

Tournament Desk

It is important to have a desk assigned for Registration and Check In. They could be two separate desks, or one desk together.

The Registration desk is where players will come at the beginning of the event to sign in, and let you know they have arrived. This desk is where a player gift should be available to be given out, and other information can be explained such as planned events for the weekend etc.

The check in desk is where the players would come to check in for each match.

Court Schedule Updating

Club locker updates the court schedule automatically once matches have been recorded in the system and from the draws. It is important that the correct winner and looser are recorded for the schedule to be accurate for future rounds.

Access Court Schedule


Referees After Matches


A smart structure for an adult event is to get the players who just completed their match to referee the match following on the court they just came off. This process is known in the junior circuit, however some adults may not be aware of their obligations. It is important to make it clear when players check in if you expect them to referee, otherwise they may disappear after their match.


Junior tournaments require players to referee a match following the match that they play. Most of the time players will return to the court they were on to referee and are expected to be at the court immediately to start timing the warm-up for the next match. Sometimes players may be needed at a different court, tournament directors need to give clear instructions to players, once their match is over if this is the case.

Entering Results

There are two different ways to enter the scores of completed matches at tournaments. First, automatically using a scoring device to live score the match; second, entering the match result manually.

Live scoring the match:

Entering match score on club locker is automatic if you are using the live scoring devices.

Make sure to go to ussquash.org/referee and then log in as an administrator for the tournament. Matches that are scheduled for that day will then be listed.

Once the referee submits the final result for the match, the score will be officially submitted into the system and the online draws will be updated with players automatically moving to the next round in the draw.

Enter Results Steps


The US Squash Tournaments team has an assigned support person on call every weekend to be there for you should any issues arise with the management/running of your event. You can call the hotline number which will direct you to that person on (646) 450-1517, or email tournaments@ussquash.com.

Contact the US Squash Tournaments Team

Incident Reporting

Fill out incident reports as soon as they happen. If a player, parent, coach, or member observes a violation of a US Squash Policy, Guideline, Code of Conduct or Rule during a US Squash accredited event, he or she is encouraged to report it to the Tournament or Event Director (if applicable) or US Squash staff member if available. Tournament or Event Directors will then take appropriate action at that time, and in addition may in their discretion complete and file an Incident Report with US Squash.  Please click below for more information and how to submit an

Incident Report form

Sportsmanship Nominations

While it is important to identify violators of the Code of Conduct, it is equally important to identify players who exhibit exceptional sportsmanship and the ideals of the Code of Conduct.  If you witness a player exhibiting exceptional sportsmanship at a tournament, let US Squash know about it! If you have seen a player who has acted in an admirable way during accredited matches, please share the moment with US Squash.

Sportsmanship Nomination Form