Club Locker

Club Locker is your digital court side companion for all things squash.

Starting with the mobile friendly reservation feature, pros and admins empower their members to make reservations, find a match, sign up for activities, and even book lessons.

Players are also able to enter friendly, league, and tournament match results quickly and easily, connecting players national rating and ranking.

Club Locker Reservation System

Some of the features available in Club Locker are listed below:

  • Club Ranking – See where you stack up compared to other players on your club ladder
  • Record a Match – Record your scores for friendly, league and ladder matches directly in your Club Locker
  • Find a Club Match* – Use the system to find the perfect match against players at your club, or reserve a court and let the system help you find a match
  • Reserve* – Book a squash court at your club
  • Referee a Match – Upload live scores while refereeing a match
  • Match Reminder* – Receive email reminders about your upcoming matches
  • Connect – Reach out to other players at your club with the ability to send messages to other members
  • Rating – Find out what level you are to help find the best matches and track your improvement

* Reservation component of Club Locker must be used by your club for this benefit

Club Locker at Tournaments

Club Locker is a mobile friendly end-to-end squash solution for players, pros, and fans. From your first steps on court to your fiercest competitions we’ve got the tools to push you forward and keep you current.

Find a match with those closest to your rating, sign up for strength building classes and activities, and book that private lesson to hone your game then enter friendly, league, and tournament matches in seconds and get a rating to connect with the largest and most active network of squash players in the world.

Please see below for a list of features and the technology recommended to use the software at your next event!


Live Scoring

Club Locker allows players access refereeing software that will instantaneously update and broadcast live match scores across the internet.  Anyone can live score a game, and this can be used for accredited play, including  friendly matches, competitive tournaments, and league play!

live score ref

Live Scoreboard

A Live Scoreboard provides updates to anyone with an internet enabled device or computer at  Users can log in and watch their friends and family compete whether they are at the court watching them or on the other side of the world!



Check your court status and watch the tournament unfold before your eyes.

League Matches

Keep track of team matches on multiple courts all on one easily accessible screen

league scoreboard


Internet Enabled Devices

Any basic internet enable device can access Club Locker to view scores or live score current matches.  US Squash recommends Apple iPod Touch or iPads for their ease of use, compatibility with Apple TV, and relatively low price.  Look for refurbished models if cost is of a concern.  Facilities need generally one device per court, but for extensive tournament use, backup devices are also recommended. (starting at $149 each and up)

Display Monitor

It is recommended to use televisions or monitors that are a minimum diagonal of 32”.  LCD or LED televisions are now inexpensive and available from many retailers online and in stores. (roughly $200 and up)

Apple TV or other screen sharing system

Any screen sharing system will work to display either the referee app for each court, or the overall scoreboard or tournament schedule.  Depending on your internet enabled devices, different systems may be needed and it is recommended to review each system’s requirements before making a final decision on the type of hardware to purchase. (roughly $69 each)

Strong Wireless Connection

All of this technology is depended on a strong wireless signal with plenty of internet bandwidth.  Basic home internet connections (~3 megabytes upload/download) are not sufficient for facilities with many simultaneous connections (computers, devices, guests at the facility, etc.).  Private networks are encouraged to dedicate enough bandwidth to ensure a seamless experience with the live scoring.


Club Locker is available as a benefit to all member clubs and accredited play, and no additional fees are required!

Additional Questions

Please contact with any additional questions with the setup of your facility.

Club Locker