Junior Tournament Accreditation

The national junior system is designed as a pyramid structure in which a specific number of accredited tournaments are allocated to each region annually. Due to the pyramid structure, which features increasing tournament points at higher level tournaments, maintaining the specified ratio of tournaments at each level within each region is important for the proper functioning of the junior national rankings.

US Squash fully manages the process for accrediting junior tournaments in order to guarantee the optimal ratio of tournaments are accredited while aiming to create a coordinated calendar which minimizes conflicts between nearby facilities and spreads tournaments across different tournament directors.

Junior Tournament Director RequirementsJunior Tournament Accreditation Process

US Squash is committed to working closely with tournament directors in support of providing players and their families the best possible experience at junior tournaments. In service of this, all tournament directors must fulfill a series of steps in order to be listed as a Trained Tournament Director. Included will be educational materials on US Squash junior rules and regulations, information on the support US Squash will provide to help make your tournament successful, and a Tournament Director Code of Conduct.

Information on requirements to host an accredited junior tournament can be found on the

Junior Tournament Director Requirements

Accreditation Periods

The junior tournament accreditation process is a request and approval process. Several times throughout the year, tournament directors will be prompted to submit requests to host accredited junior squash tournaments. Once each accreditation period opens, US Squash will email all Trained Tournament Directors with instructions on how to apply for a tournament. It is the tournament director’s responsibility to submit requests to host tournaments during each of these periods.

Regional Tournament Allocations

US Squash allocates a specific number of tournaments to each region and has set the overall national calendar based on these allocations. The allocations are based on the participation numbers as well as the number of junior players in each region. The tournament weekends are selected in a manner that spreads the tournaments across the entire accreditation period, while minimizing conflicts with neighboring regions and other nearby tournaments.

Tournament Request Approval

Tournament Directors are encouraged to submit a proposal for any tournament that has been assigned to their regions. US Squash will evaluate all submitted proposals and will approve tournaments based on the quality of the request and level of detail provided, as well as survey responses from past tournaments, established rotations within given regions, and geographic spread of tournaments within each region.

Tournament directors are not guaranteed approval and are expected to be flexible with event dates. US Squash monitors and controls the scheduling of tournaments regionally and nationally to benefit the junior community and some tournaments may be asked to shift dates from that which was requested in an application to create a calendar that minimizes conflict between nearby tournaments and creates the best overall experience for the players, parents, and coaches who will be participating in these events.