Annual Review Process

Officials will be certified at a designated level annually at their review. Information gathered from the assessments that have been performed throughout the season will be used to assess the officials peformance. This together with feedback from the official regarding their thoughts on their performance and their own developmental goals will be used to create a personal plan for the next season and their certification designation will be set.

Any official who would like to be certified at Tier 3 or above will need to ensure that they have met all the requirements of the desired level, as defined by the Officiating Development Program, by May 31 each year.

US Squash Officiating Development Pathway


Any official failing to meet the requirements may not be certified for the upcoming season or may be recertified at a different level.

A Tier 5 Official and/or the US Squash Director of Officials will perform the annual review for eligible officials.

Any US Squash Tier 5 Officials will receive a review from the PSA Director of Officiating.



All Officials will need to submit an Activity Log for the season. Here they will detail matches refereed, clinics attended, assessments received and given as well as self evaluations.

Download US Squash Officiating Activity Log


The US Squash Director of Officials will aggregate comments from the assessment feedback forms and review the performance in the summer assessments in order to complete the required sections of the annual review summary for each official. (Please see below for template)

Each official will be asked to provide feedback regarding their thoughts on their performance during the season. Specifically, they will be asked to comment on:-

    • Their performance.
    • Their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Goals for forthcoming season.
    • How can US Squash support them.


Submit US Squash Officiating Annual Review - Official Comments



The Review will be scheduled for a suitable date and time in May or June. This will usually be conducted by conference or video call and will be an open discussion with the purpose of certifying the official at the appropriate level and setting goals for the following season.

Assuming all eligibility criteria are met, the following categories will be used to guide the session.

  • Percentage of decisions that are correct
  • Match Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Management of Conduct
  • Participation in 360 degree assessment process

The Annual Review Summary will be completed as a result of the discussion.

Download US Squash Officiating Annual Review Summary



The official will be sent their annual review summary which will include recommendations of certification level for the following season, and a development plan for the official to include their goals for the following season and a plan for them to be able to achieve those goals.


US Squash Certified Officials