US Squash has four Standing Committees which are permanent committees of the association. They are the Nominating and Governance Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Institutional Advancement Committee, and Investment Committee.

The association also has other committees to assist its promotion of the sport among certain constituencies and program areas including the Doubles, Hall of Fame & Museum, Hardball Singles, District Association, National Team, Rules & Referee, and Women’s Committees.

In addition, US Squash has several advisory councils which assist the association determine policy and action in the relevant program areas. The current councils include the Teaching Pro Advisory Council and Athletes’ Advisory Council.

Standing Committees

Nominating & Governance
It is the primary mission of the Nominating and Governance Committee (the “NGC”) to identify, evaluate and recruit the prospective candidates to be independent Directors of US Squash. The NGC shall also: (a) periodically undertake a performance assessment review of the operations of the Board; (b) consult and review with the Board with regard to appointing members of the Standing Committees and the leadership positions of the Standing Committees; (c) review and make recommendations with regard to any changes or amendments to the By-laws or other Board adopted policies, and (d) certify the results of all US Squash elections conducted on electronic or internet-enabled platforms. To download the Nominating and Governance Committee Charter, click here.

Finance & Investment
The Finance and Investment Committee shall oversee the preparation and review of the annual budget for the Association, the selection and retention of independent auditors and ensure that audits are undertaken annually, and that such audits are objective and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”), all general budgeting and financial planning, and the capital investments of the Association in accordance with applicable fiduciary standards. The Committee shall also be responsible for such other activities as specified in its Committee Charter and may also submit recommendations to the Board concerning any matter relating to the financial affairs of this Association.

Institutional Advancement
The Institutional Advancement Committee shall assist the Association reach fundraising goals through donor identification, relationship building, cultivation, and solicitation as well as serve as a forum for new ideas regarding development campaigns, infrastructure, and contacts. The Institutional Advancement Committee shall support all Association Funds. To download the Institutional Advancement Committee Charter, click here.

The Judicial Committee will use the high standard of fair play and spirit of sportsmanship inherent in the game of squash as a guideline to review and resolve matters, questions, appeals and disputes related to ethics, conflict of interest, grievances and violations of rules, policies and regulations involving US Squash that are properly brought before it. To download the Judicial Committee Charter, click here.

James Dodson (chair)
Richard Chow (chair)
Joseph Dworetzky
Olivia Fiechter
Emily Lungstrum

Audit & Risk

Other Committees


Josh Schwartz, Chairperson – New York, NY
Len Bernheimer – Boston, MA
Ed Chilton – Wilmington, DE
Aiden Harrison – Lake Forest, IL
Kevin Jernigan – San Francisco, CA
Emily Lungstrum – New York, NY
Mike McGorry – Buffalo, NY
Molly Pierce – Philadelphia, PA
Tom Poor – Boston, MA
Dave Rosen – Baltimore, MD
Charlie Parkhurst – Greenwich, CT
Jeanne Blasberg – Boston, MA
Sara Luther – Denver, CO
Ivan Martinez – St. Paul, MN
Dylan Patterson – New York, NY
Kit Tatum – New York, NY
Beth Fedorowich – Pittsburgh, PA
Joe Purrazzella – Wilton, CT
Lauren Patrizio Xaba – San Francisco, CA
Beth Rasin – New York, NY
Hall of Fame & Museum

James Zug, Chairperson
Paul Assaiante
lan Fox
Mariann Greenberg
Jack Herrick
Demer Holleran
Sam Howe
Hazel White Jones
Charlie Kingsley
Aggie Kurtz
John Lau
John Lesko
Don Mills
Gail Ramsay
Tom Rumpler
Larry Sconzo
Carol Weymuller

AJ Copeland and Jen Gabler, Chairpersons

Regional Representatives

Hardball Singles

Tefft Smith, Chairperson

District Associations

David Keating, Chairperson

National Teams

Kevin Klipstein, Chairperson

Athletes' Advisory Council

Christopher Hanson (2027),
Athlete Representative

Olivia Blatchford (2026),
Athlete Representative Alternate


Athlete Most Recent Qualifier Eligible Thru Role
Graham Bassett 2011 Pan Am Games 2021 Active Athlete
Olivia Blatchford 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 USOPC Athlete Representative Alternate
Andrew Douglas 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 Active Athlete
Olivia Fiechter 2012 World Teams 2022 Active Athlete
Christopher Gordon 2019 World Teams 2029 Active Athlete
Natalie Grainger 2015 Pan Am Games 2025 Active Athlete
Christopher Hanson 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 USOPC Athlete Representative
Todd Harrity 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 Active Athlete
Julian Illingworth 2013 World Teams 2023 Active Athlete
Faraz Khan 2017 World Teams 2027 Active Athlete
Gilly Lane 2013 World Teams 2023 Active Athlete
Lily Lorentzen 2011 Pan Am Games 2021 Active Athlete
Dylan Murray 2013 World Teams 2023 Active Athlete
Reeham Sedky 2018 World Teams 2028 Active Athlete
Sabrina Sobhy 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 Active Athlete
Amanda Sobhy 2019 Pan Am Games 2029 Active Athlete
Maria Elena Ubina 2012 World Teams 2022 Active Athlete

Rules & Referee

Sheldon Anderson, Chairperson

Junior Squash Advisory Panel

Kim Clearkin, Chairperson

Teaching Pro Advisory Council

Kim Clearkn, Chairperson