Getting Started With Junior Tournaments

In order to participate in US Squash Accredited Junior tournaments players will need to follow the steps described below.

US Squash Account and Memberships

In order to participate in an accredited junior squash tournament, players are required to have a Club Locker account.

Further, players who are looking to participate in junior accredited tournaments will need to be current members of US Squash.

Join US Squash

Age Specific Online Referee Exam

A unique aspect of junior squash is that tournament players are required to act as the referee for any matches that follow theirs on court – by signing up to play in a tournament, players are also agreeing to act as a referee throughout the event. To that point, it is important that all players know and understand the rules of squash.

Players who participate in accredited junior tournaments will need to take and pass the online referee exam before signing up for a tournament.

Age Group Exam Required
U13 Level 1
U15 Level 2
U17 Level 3
U19 Level 4


The age approrpiate referee exam can be found on a player’s Club Locker profile.

By selecting the “My Profile” page, click the small right arrow ‘>’ under the renew membership section, which will allow you to scroll across to find the “Training” section. Select the training tab and the correct test can be accessed in the Available Exams section.

Age Groups

Divisions offered per event will be dependent on the tournament director. Options include:-

  • Based on age: U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19
  • Based on rating: U2.5, U3.0, U3.5, U4.0, U4.5, U5.0, U5.5, 5.5+
  • Both types offer options for both single sex and co-ed divisions

Entry is limited to players under the age of 19 whether divisions are age  or rating based.

In order to be eligible to participate in a division, players need to be age eligible (under the age of the division) through the last day of the tournament.

Signing Up to Play

All accredited junior tournaments allow players to sign up to participate through the online tournament listing.

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Tournament Policies

All accredited junior tournaments are governed by the Junior Rules and Guidelines.

Junior Policies