Donor Club Members

Century Club ($100,000 Commitment)
Sarah K. de Coizart Article TENTH Perpetual Charitable Trust
Robert Phillip Bixby
Camille and Bill Broadbent
Daniel D. Dolan Jr. Family Foundation
William A. and Lynn Douglass Foundation
The Victor Elmaleh Foundation
Patricia and Eric Fast
The Ganek Family Foundation/David and Danielle Ganek
Stephen L. Green
Kathy and Al Gordon Fund
Anne and Bill Harrison
George Kellner
The Seymour H. Knox Foundation
Marcia A. McLean and Peter R. Lasusa, Jr.
The Mackesy Family
Polly and Terry O’Toole
Holly and Marshall W. Pagon
Aileen K. and Brian L. Roberts
Linda and Jim Robinson
James Van Kennen
Soo and Raj Venkatesan
Founders Club ($50,000 Commitment)

Muffie Potter Aston and Dr. Sherrell Aston
Russell C. Ball III
Stephanie and David Barrett
Rina and Vishal Bhagwati
Lucinda and Avanish Bhavsar
Diane and Stephen C. Bieneman
Jeanne and John Blasberg
Elizabeth and Sean Carney
Elizabeth and Samuel Chapin
Kathryn and Tim Conway
Rohit and Katharine Desai
Diana and Joseph Dowling
Amy Banse and Joe Dworetzky
Brian G. Dyson
Ingrid and David Ellen
Helen and Brian D. Fitzgerald
Allison and L. Scott Frantz
John A. Fry

Timothy M. George
Genie Logue and Gary Herbert
Praveen Kankariya
Amrit and Sarah Kanwal
Darrell and Oivind Lorentzen III
Emily and Justin Lungstrum
James D. Marver
Julie and Bruce Menin
Hilary and Charles H. Parkhurst
Eve and Leo W. Pierce Jr.
Anne and Clay Rohrbach
Alfred and Blair Sadler
Cynthia and William Simon, Jr.
Martha and David Slosburg
Tracey and Shanin Specter
Lettia W. and Charles W. Ufford Jr.
Robert Warth
Thomas Wrightson Fund/Oregon Community Foundation