Due to COVID-19 all play has been suspended. Please continue to follow for ongoing updates.

Facility and Player Guidelines
  • Why did you change your guidelines to recommend players wear masks on court?
    • There is mounting evidence that the COVID-19 is transmitted person to person through droplets and aerosols which are exhaled. The best way to mitigate risk in this case is to ensure there is airflow, to social distance and to wear masks. Masks are known to significantly reduce the amount of viral particles that are released into the air. Additionally, where distancing isn’t possible mask wearing becomes even more important.
    • It is also believed that the aerosols are denser the closer they are to the person who exhaled them and so if two people linger there is more possibility of transmittal. Aerosols are most concentrated near the infected person and become diluted in the air as they drift away.While it is only 2 people in 670 sq ft for singles, there is no doubt that players will often not be distanced and therefore be exposed to the aerosols when they play which increases the risk of infection. Where doubles is played, or multiple players are on court in a clinic or camp, for example, this risk increases.
    • To be as safe as we can, we now recommend that anyone on court should be wearing masks to protect each other, their families, and their communities. While there is no certainty that this will eradicate risk it will definitely reduce risk.
  • Isnt is dangerous for players to wear a mask on court?
    • The CDC cautions that people engaged in high intensity activities may not be able to wear a mask if it causes difficulty breathing. If unable to tolerate a mask people may not be able to return to play safely at this time. If you exhibit any unusual symptoms such as feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or developing shortness of breath you should stop immediately. Any player with an underlying cardiac or respiratory condition should discuss returning to play with their primary care provider. Any player who has anyone in the home with underlying health problems is cautioned against playing at this time.
  • What type of mask and eyewear should I wear?
    • In terms of masks, most cloth face coverings are acceptable. Masks with vents are not effective as they allow your exhaled air to be released which negates the reason for wearing a mask. Tight fitting or N95 masks are not recommended to be used during play due to the increased probability of breathing issues.
    • Eyewear for all is also recommended to reduce risk as it is possible for COVID to be contracted through eyes. Masks have the potential to fog glasses but it is possible to wear normal eyewear if you fit your mask correctly.
  • What part does ventilation play in reducing the transmission rate of COVID-19?
    • Air flow and exchange is very important to disperse, dilute and filter the aerosols produced on exhaling. Facilities are recommended to check their airflow and potentially upgrade their HVAC filter to MERV13 or more and open doors and windows if possible. Air exchange rates should be at least 2 per hour. Where necessary facilities should consider using portable HEPA filters with a CADR of 450+. This will allow for a full exchange of air on a court in 30 minutes.
Junior Policy and accredited play
  • Will US Squash still recognize juniors with the Scholar Athlete Award?
    • Yes, US Squash will still be recognizing players with the Scholar Athlete Award and has made minor adjustments to the award criteria to account for the Coronavirus impacts.The required number of approved US Squash singles tournaments has been reduced from four to three for this year’s Scholar Athlete Award. Additionally, due to the closure of many schools during the spring term of 2020 and the wide range of grading scales being used during this period of remote learning, US Squash will evaluate affected school transcripts on a case by case basis.For additional information on the Scholar Athlete award, please click here.
  • Will US Squash adjust any junior ranking policies to accommodate the suspension of play?
    • Yes, US Squash is now using the player rating to rank players by age group within their District, Club and the US. For the latest information please refer to the news article regarding the return to play here.
  • Will player rankings continue to be calculated during this time?
    • Yes, the points based rankings calculation will be suspended, and will be replaced by a ratings based ranking system. Please refer to the Junior policy page regarding the interim rating based ranking system here.
  • Is accredited adult play suspended?
    • Adult leagues are administered by local Districts and supported by US Squash, please check with your District for any changes to District league competition schedules. Whether to host and participate are decisions to be made by the facility and tournament director in conjunction with guidelines local and state governments.
  • When will US Squash accredited competitions resume?
    • US Squash has resumed accredited competition. Please see the currently scheduled events here
  • Will I receive a refund for a tournament that was cancelled?
    • Yes, players who were signed up for a cancelled tournament will receive refunds for their entry fee. US Squash is working directly with tournament directors to issue the necessary refunds to players who were signed up for impacted tournaments. Refunds are issued on a rolling basis, depending on when an event was officially cancelled. Refunds are automatic, so no action is required on the part of players to action a refund.
  • Why do we not receive a full refund? It wasn’t my fault the tournament was canceled.
    • Refunds for all tournaments which were scheduled through the last weekend of June have been issued.
    • All refunds are less a non-refundable ~3% credit card processing fee. This fee remains with Stripe, our third-party payment processing platform and does not go to US Squash or to the Tournament Director.
    • Participants in tournaments which were scheduled for the weekends of March 13-15 and March 20-22 only received partial refunds. Due to the timing of the tournament cancellations, the tournament directors had pre-paid expenses and were under non-refundable contracts. In this unprecedented situation, the purpose for the partial refund was to assist the tournament director and spread the burden of these costs. While it may not seem fair to some as a player who had no control ultimately about this decision, neither did the tournament director. Safety for all in the end was our priority which we hope our players and their families will understand and appreciate. In the end, there is a cost to everything, and in our view tournament directors provide an incredibly valuable service to the community. At times like these, it is our hope that we can all play a role in supporting each other.
  • Will I receive a rankings penalty if I withdraw from a tournament after the entry deadline?
    • The late withdraw penalty was suspended effective March 3, 2020 and will remain suspended until further notice.
National Championships
  • Will I receive a refund for a National Championships if it is not rescheduled?
    • Yes, you will receive the full refund of your entry fee.  You will also receive the option to donate your entry fee to help offset losses US Squash will incur related to the impact of COVID-19. Participants will be contacted directly regarding refunds.
  • Will I still qualify for Nationals if it is rescheduled but I have aged up in the meantime?
    • Yes, all players who qualified for Nationals when it was originally scheduled will remain eligible if they are rescheduled to a later date regardless of whether they have aged up.
  • Can I still enter Nationals if it is rescheduled?
    • The entrants list at the time of suspension will be honored. If registration is re-opened any new players would be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.
  • Should I withdraw from Nationals now or should I wait to see if it is rescheduled?
    • Players should remain on the entrants list if they want to participate in a rescheduled Nationals. If Nationals are unable to be rescheduled players will be offered the opportunity to donate their entry fee or have a refund at that time.
  • I bought a ticket for the Awards dinner. Will I receive a refund?
    • Yes all dinner ticket holders have received a full refund.
  • Do I need to request a withdrawal or will this be processed by US Squash
    • No action is required by any player registered for a tournament. All refunds and withdrawals will be processed automatically.
National Team
  • Will the Pan American Junior Championships and the World Junior Championships events be played this summer?
    • The 2020 World Junior Squash Championships, which was set to take place in Australia, has been cancelled and the 2020 Pan American Junior Championships, which was set to take place in El Salvador, has been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Will US Squash announce the players who were selected for the Junior National Teams to represent the United States at the Pan American Junior Championships and the World Juniors?
    • Although both the Pan American Junior Championships and the World Junior Championships have been cancelled for this summer, US Squash and the National Team selection committee believe it is important to announce the players who have been selected for these teams to recognize and acknowledge their achievements over the course of the season. The players who were selected for the Junior National Teams this summer will be announced in the coming weeks.
Restarting Play
  • When will clubs open up for play?
    • Clubs will start to open subject to the guidelines of local, state and federal governments. You should consult their websites for more information. Additionally, when clubs are opened you should check to see what types of play are allowed.
  • Will I be able to play competitively when clubs open?
    • Each club will have their own guidelines for the restart of play but you should expect to be limited to solo play initially or play with household members. Some facilities are hosting accredited events. Please see the current schedule here.
  • Do I need to wear a mask when I play?
    • You should refer to club guidelines for their protocols with respect to playing but expect to wear a mask off court. You may need a mask or face shield on court. All accredited play requires that a face covering be worn on and off court.
  • What safety measures will be in place when clubs open?
    • Each club will do their best to ensure the safety of their members by adding extra sanitisation procedures and social distancing protocols. Please refer to you clubs protocols for how this affects your club. All facilities hosting accredited play must meet U Squash minimum standards which can be found here.

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