Levels Definitions

Level 1 CoachLevel 2 CoachLevel 3 Coach
The Level 1 course is the beginning level of certification, and several of these courses are held each year. The certification is held over the course of a weekend, with some additional follow-up work after completion of the in-person instruction. The Level 1 course focuses on group instruction, with special attention paid to lesson organization, safety, and general squash coaching knowledge.  The course readies a coach for instruction of the beginner and low-intermediate level.
The Level 2 course focuses on individual instruction and fault-analysis, and is aimed to equip the coach to teach any player from the beginner through to intermediate level.  Level 2 courses are generally held once or twice a year, depending on demand.  The course will have a more technical focus than Level 1, but many of the concepts learned in Level 1 will be applied and expanded upon.  Candidates who have successfully completed the course will be able to recognize and correct technical faults in their pupils, as well as develop training plans based on the specific needs of their players.  The Level 2 course also provides an introduction to physical training principles.  Coaches must have already completed their Level 1 certification in order to participate in the Level 2 course.
The level 3 course includes a greater emphasis on advanced player development, long-term player training plans, detailed fault diagnosis, and sports psychology.