Coach Certification

To become a certified coach, an accredited course must be completed through the US SQUASH Coaching Certification Program.

The US Squash Coaching Certification Program has been developed with consideration toward coaching in a school or college environment as well as in a commercial club setting.  Every course requires candidates to demonstrate the skills needed to teach at that level in order to pass and gain certification.

Several certification courses are held during the year throughout the country.  Upcoming courses are listed below.

US Squash encourages schools, colleges, and clubs to employ coaches that have the appropriate level of certification.  A certified coach has exhibited an interest in improving their skills, and has the knowledge to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all students.  A list of certified coaches is below.  Coaching certifications received in other countries are recognized and accepted by US Squash, provided that a certificate or letter from the national governing body is produced as evidence.