Adult Tournaments

Skill Level:

Players can only compete in a skill division higher than their current rating (e.g. a player rated 3.2 can enter 3.5 division or higher but cannot enter the 3.0 division) If you have been participating in a league you may already have started to get a rating which would help to define your skill level. However, if this is your first tournament and you don’t know which skill level to sign up for click below.

Skill Level Info

Age Group:

When you sign up for an age group event this normally means you will be playing people close to your age, not necessarily close to your ability. All players must be age-eligible through the last day of the tournament in which they are competing. Not all age groups are offered at adult tournaments, so you would sign up for the age group that , but they can range from 35+ through to 85+ 

Club Championships:

A tournament for club players to compete against each other. The format of these tournaments will change from club to club, but often are restricted to member only players. Some clubs will do a member-guest event where players can invite a guest of their choice. this type of event often happens for doubles events. Contact your squash professional team to find out more information about club tournaments they plan to hold.

Regional Championships:

A tournament for regional players to compete against each other. The format of these tournaments will change region to region, but often are restricted to players who reside in the area. Contact your local Squash Association to find out more information. Click here for your local contact.

Champions and finalists from each of the Regional Championships are eligible for free entry into the 2020 US Squash Skill Levels Championships held at Drexel University in October. Players will be notified of details after the conclusion of the tournament.

National Tournaments:

As you start to expand your competition band, you may consider competing at skill level or age group events outside of your area. You can pick and choose what works for your schedule and how far you are willing to travel. These national events are usually organized by the host club’s staff, sometimes they bring in a tournament director to run the event within their facility.

National Championships:

US Squash tournament team manages all the National Championships. There are a wide range of national championships that are run. Click here to see the national Championship Calendar.

International Events:

The world is your oyster in the game of squash. Players compete from all over the world at the junior and Adult level. Club Locker supports some of the other Squash National Governing Bodies around the globe. To find more information and opportunities to play out side of the United States visit