W. Stewart Brauns, Jr. Award

The W. Stewart Brauns, Jr. Award is named after one of the most dedicated and involved leaders of our game who was a tournament director, head referee, committee chair and a founder of the World Squash Federation. The Brauns is given by the US Squash Board to a person who has made major administrative, off-the-court contributions to the game of squash.

Past Recipients

2023 Donald Mills
2022 Blair Sadler
2021 Dan Keating
2018 Michael Riley
2017 T. James Hense
2016 Shabana Khan
2015 Lawrence J. Sconzo, Jr.
2014 Anne Farrell
2013 Hamilton Fisk Biggar, III
2012 Jay D. Prince
2010 Danielle Maur
2008 Jahangir Khan
2003 Chris Janton
2002 Charles Crawford
2002 William T. Ketcham, Jr.
2001 George Wadsworth
2000 Charles P. Baker III
2000 Paul H. Rapisarda
1999 Richard Chute
1998 Benjamin T. Harris
1998 Robert W. Callahan
1997 Beth Rasin
1997 Will Carlin
1994 Dr. Anne Smith
1994 E. Taylor Quick
1993 Bob Scharff
1993 Rod Symington
1992 William H. Giese
1991 Hussein Meguid
1991 Thomas Wrightson
1990 Barbara Strobhar Clement Hunter
1989 James Carrington
1989 O. Quentin Hyder