USOC Athlete of The Year

The USOC Athlete of the Year is selected by the US Squash National Teams Committee for the most outstanding performance by a Team USA player in international competition and is awarded by the United States Olympic Committee.

Past Recipients

2017 Olivia Blatchford Clyne
2016 Reeham Sedky
2015 Amanda Sobhy
2014 Timothy Brownell
2013 F. Gilpin Lane
2001 Michelle Quibell
2001 Damian Walker
2000 Michelle Quibell
1999 David McNeely
1999 Louisa Hall
1998 Ivy Pachoda
1998 Mark Lewis
1996 Demer Holleran
1996 A. Martin Clark, Jr.
1995 Demer Holleran
1995 Mark Talbott
1994 Christopher Burrows
1994 Demer Holleran
1993 Frank J. Stanley IV
1993 Katherine Johnson
1992 Demer Holleran
1992 Kenton Jernigan
1991 Eleanor Pierce
1991 Mark Talbott