RIA Eyewear Announced as Official Eyewear Partner

US Squash has announced RIA Eyewear as the official eyewear partner of US Squash. The company—cofounded by two-time U.S. Champion Chris Hanson—recently released its first line of squash-specific performance eyewear, the Model 2.

The Model 2 represents the culmination of nearly four years of development by RIA. After debuting test models during the 2019 Pan Am Games in which Hanson captured two gold medals, the pandemic added complications and delays to the production of a final squash-specific product. In the spring of 2020, RIA donated their production eyewear samples to local hospitals and released a clothing line from which a portion of the revenue was donated to pandemic relief efforts. After successfully releasing a popular eyewear model for tennis and pickleball in 2020, the Model 2 now realizes RIA’s goal of taking squash eyewear to a new level of performance.

“I’ve always felt that squash players shouldn’t have to choose between prioritizing performance or safety in their eyewear,” said Hanson. “I want confidence that my vision is as clear as possible to play my best, and we built the Model 2 to achieve exactly that. We couldn’t be more excited to be an official partner of US Squash to promote our shared goals of player safety and high performance.”

“Using the proper equipment in squash—especially eyeguards—is essential to being able to enjoy the sport for life,” said Kevin Klipstein, President & CEO of US Squash. “Chris’s desire to make the best possible eyewear may finally change the game in this area. He has showcased a commitment to excellence as a member of Team USA for years, and he has now brought that same attention to detail in the development of RIA Eyewear. There is no compromise in these eyeguards, they are the best, and we’re honored to partner with such a great product—started from within our community—that now makes the top-performing, fully tested squash eyewear on the market while providing exceptional player safety.”

The Model 2 frame is handmade in Italy, sporting adjustable temples for enhanced fit and interchangeability for lens replacements. The frame houses RIA’s proprietary ZEISS™ lenses to combat fog and glare, and provide high-quality, zero-distortion optical performance. The line is certified for impact under the latest ASTM 3164-19 standard for racquet sport safety. Model 2 is currently available in 3 colorways and comes complete with a hard-shell case, soft silk case, microfiber cloth, and wet lens wipes.

Check out Model 2 here and follow RIA Eyewear on Instagram @riaeyewear.