US Squash Announces Anticipated Dates for Return to National Junior Competition

US Squash has announced a three-stage process, scheduled to occur April through October 2021, for the return to national junior competition and tournament points-based junior rankings.

Currently, local and regional accredited junior competition is occurring when allowed under state and local regulations and at facilities that affirm their compliance with US Squash risk mitigation guidelines. During this interim stage, junior rankings have been based off player ratings instead of earned tournament points.

Moving forward in the spring and summer, the stages leading to the resumption of full junior competition and rankings are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Preparation for play
    • Starting Date: April 12, 2021
    • Players can continue to record results in accredited tournaments, leagues and match play to improve the accuracy of their rating and get fit for tournament play
    • Junior rankings continue based on player ratings
  • Stage 2: Points-earning tournaments begin
    • Starting Date: May 28, 2021
    • Players can earn points in accredited tournaments, which are banked for the resumption of points-based rankings in Stage 3
    • Junior rankings continue based on player ratings
  • Stage 3: Points-based rankings begin
    • Starting Date: September 8, 2021
    • Players continue earning points in accredited tournaments
    • Resumption of tournament points-based junior rankings

Detailed information on the transition process, rankings and ratings, competition types, facility and competition safety guidelines, and frequently asked questions is available on the US Squash return to competition page:

US Squash held a virtual Q&A forum at 8:00pm EST on Thursday, March 11 to provide the junior squash community an opportunity to ask questions regarding the plans for return to junior national competition and points-based rankings. A link to a recording of the session is available here:

Return-to-Competition Q&A Forum

Accredited junior competition and the stages listed above remain contingent on compliance with government guidelines and is subject to change. During the return to any form of competition, it is incumbent on the entire community – players, facilities, administrators, coaches, and families – to work cooperatively to ensure the best and safest possible experience. While it has been said many times before, the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges that we must face through creative solutions, patience, and understanding. US Squash remains deeply grateful to the entire junior squash community for their engagement.