Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Seeks Proposals for Squash Program Development


Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH) is seeking proposals for the development of a program for the management and operation of a squash program (the “Squash Facility Program”) for our current campus location at 500 West Willow Grove Ave Philadelphia PA 19118.

The services are to begin on or about August 1, 2021.

I. Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Mission

We are an inclusive community on a mission to inspire unbounded curiosity and independent thought in every one of our students. In a unique educational environment that extends well beyond campus, we nurture students’ knowledge of themselves and the world, expanding their full academic and personal potential while preparing them to lead lives characterized by thoughtfulness, integrity, and a quest to effect positive change.

II. Background

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy is a day school currently serving 1140 students from Early Childhood through twelfth grade. Springside School was founded in 1879. Chestnut Hill Academy was founded in 1861. For over 40 years the two schools had a coordinate program with boys and girls taking classes together in the Upper School (grades 9-12). In 2010 the Board of Trustees of the two corporations voted to form a single corporation to strengthen that partnership and run the two schools as a single school. Today SCH operates as 6 distinct divisions: a co-ed Early Childhood program, separate girls and boys lower schools (Pre-K-grade 4), separate girls and boys middle schools (grades 5-8), and a co-ed upper school (grades 9-12).

The campus is located on a beautiful 62-acre parcel in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood within the City of Philadelphia, with land adjacent to Fairmount Park, the largest urban park in the country. The school’s facilities have been on this site since 1898. The oldest is its 130,000 sf main building (the Wissahickon Inn), which was built in 1884. The main building houses the majority of the school’s administrative and high school academic program. Some of the recent renovations include: 1988 Arts and Music wing with New Media lab, recital hall, practice rooms, and art studios; 1993 Dining Hall with an exterior porch; 1998 middle school addition with 4 new classrooms; 2004 renovation of the Middle school and a complete new Upper School covering 84,000 square feet and in 2006 a 52,000 sf Athletic Facility which includes 4 squash courts and

in 2018 the McCausland Lower School and Commons for boys and girls. The other buildings include the 10,800 sf Jordan Building (renovated in 2020 to be an Early Childhood Center), the 10,000 sf Kline building, the 6,600 sf dining commons (opened September, 2006), the 54,100 sf indoor athletic facility, the 9,100 sf Performing Arts Center, and a LEED Gold-certified 23,800 sf Rorer Center for Science and Technology that was constructed in January, 2009.

In addition to the Squash Club facilities, described below, SCH has the full spectrum of facilities to support an outstanding scholastic athletics program, including newly renovated or constructed facilities for football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, field hockey, basketball, track and field and other sports. SCH regularly competes for conference championships in the Inter-Ac Athletic Conference, which is among the most competitive independent school athletic conferences in the state.

Today, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy has a target enrollment of approximately 1125 students in PK-12.

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation and is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue.

III. The SCH Squash Program

SCH, including its predecessor institutions Springside and Chestnut Hill Academy, has an extraordinarily long and distinguished connection to squash in the United States. SCH’s teams include numerous Inter-Ac league championships and top finishes in high school national competition for boys and girls teams. SCH also has produced numerous collegiate squash players. SCH has had an independently operated Squash Club on campus since about 1996, which includes 6 international singles courts at the main facility and an additional 4 international singles courts less than a five minute walk across campus. The top class squash facilities and programming of the Philadelphia Cricket Club (a private club not associated with SCH), including 8 international singles courts and two international doubles courts, as well as top professional staff, are directly across the street. In addition, it is expected that squash in the Philadelphia region will receive a significant boost from the planned opening of the Arlen Spector US Squash Center, which will serve as the hub for US Squash.

Professional staff of The Squash Facility Program have traditionally coached the boys and girls middle school and upper school squash teams. In addition, The Squash Facility Program has included private Club Memberships that enable the broader Philadelphia squash community to use the courts outside of school hours, to be coached privately, and to participate in clinics and tournaments. The Squash Facility Program has historically hosted US Squash-sanctioned junior tournaments, as well as US Squash-sanctioned adult league play. At various times the club also provided clinics for after school and summer camp programs, both independently and in coordination with SCH’s broader after school and summer camp programs. The Squash Facility Program, although operating on SCH-owned facilities, has operated most recently as a private enterprise separate from the school and paid a fee to the school for the facility use.

SCH, with the support of the Board of Trustees, is seeking a person or firm who can develop, operate and maintain a robust squash program for SCH that takes advantage of the excellent squash facilities on campus.

The goal of the Squash Facility Program is to provide three things to SCH:

1) Develop our SCH students into strong squash players competing in the Inter-Ac League at the highest level. The program should provide excellent top quality coaches for all the teams. It should also enhance the reputation of SCH and generate interest in enrollment for the school, including interest by exceptional squash student-athletes.

2) Generate revenue to SCH in order to cover the cost of the coaches and the facility, ideally to include sufficient funds (either income or program donations) to run the facility and improve the facility and programming.

3) Offer a community squash program/club to enhance the existing strong squash presence in the region.

SCH is open to any feasible proposal, including proposals that entail significant changes to the current operating model, that SCH leadership determines is most likely to achieve the stated goals for the Squash Facility Program.

IV. Written Questions
All questions on the RFP content must be received by the CFO prior to [March 1, 2021] at 12:00p.m. EST. The RFP process will be overseen by a committee appointed by the Head of School, subject to oversight by the Board of Trustees of SCH. The committee will distribute a list of the submitted questions along with answers to all Bidders on or before [March 5, 2021.] Additional information about the Squash Facility Program, including current membership and financial information, will be made available on request to qualified respondents, subject to agreement to customary confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations.

V. Other Requirements

Respondents should be prepared for follow up interviews and presentations to the committee following proposal review.

VI. Schedule (Subject to Modification)

February 17, 2021 – Distribute RFP

Mar 1, 2021 – Questions due

Mar 5, 2021 – Answers distributed April 1, 2021 – RFP response due. April 1-15 2021 – Review responses.
April 16, 2021 -Invites for interviews

May 28, 2021 – Decision announced

VII. Proposals

No specific form is prescribed for responses to this RFP. However, all responses must include the following information no later than April 1, 2021:

1. Background information on you, your company related to size, number of years of experience in the field.

2. Relevant personal references.

1. A description of the proposed team. For each person please provide documentation relative to their experience and expertise.

2. A list of any additional services that your firm offers, which SCH may wish to consider.

3. A pro forma financial analysis of your proposal, including revenue and expense analysis, as well as capital expenditure estimates.

VIII. Bid process

Interested bidders are asked to provide their proposal by 4:00 PM April 1, 2021 to Frank V. Aloise, Jr., CFO
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 500 W. Willow Grove Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118
or by email at faloise@sch.org

The committee will evaluate the perceived quality of the proposals and benefits to the school, including how such proposal will further the stated objectives of the RFP. A final decision will be made on or about May 28, 2021.