On Tuesday US Squash announced the difficult decision to suspend all junior accredited squash tournaments in response to the spread of novel coronavirus in an effort to protect the health and well-being of the squash community. The suspension applies to all accredited junior squash tournaments at least through the first weekend of May, including the end of season junior National Championship series. This unprecedented decision that has impacted thousands of players and their families has generated many questions regarding the implications and what’s next and we are working to provide answers to the best of our ability. We appreciate your patience and participation in this process.

The suspension of competition and resulting need to adjust schedules and policies fairly and thoughtfully will take time. US Squash is actively evaluating the impact of this disruption to the junior system and will be working on solutions over the coming weeks that will allow for a smooth transition to the resumption play. As a first step, US Squash will be taking several immediate actions, which are described below, together with answers to some common questions that have been asked over the last few days.

  • Player rankings

The rankings calculation will be suspended until further notice and player rankings will reflect their position as at the March 11th ranking run. Players who age up after this time will remain ranked in the younger age division until the resumption of play.

  • Tournament Schedule

US Squash is evaluating the impact that the cancellation of these tournaments will have on the national calendar, participation, and rankings, and will be exploring options for adding additional events to the calendar. Players and families will be notified of any tournament additions before junior tournaments resume.

  • National Championships

Players should remain registered in the National Championships until it is known if and when they will be rescheduled. All players who qualified for Nationals when it was originally scheduled will remain age eligible if they are rescheduled to a later date. US Squash will reach out to players at that time to determine if they wish to remain in the draw or be withdrawn. If you have submitted a withdraw request, please let us know at tournaments@ussquash.com if you would like this to be processed it or if you would like to remain entered.

  • Refunds from Cancelled Tournaments

US Squash is actively working with tournament directors to issue refunds to players who were signed up for an impacted tournament. All refunds are expected to be issued by March 20, however the date may vary slightly from tournament to tournament.

  • Awards

US Squash will still be recognizing players with the National Sportsmanship and Most-Improved Player awards. Details of how these will be presented, announced, and distributed are currently being worked out.

  • Scholar Athlete

The implications of the suspension of play with respect to the Scholar Athlete award are currently being evaluated. Adjustments to the qualification criteria will be communicated prior the resumption of tournament competition.

  • Resumption of Play

This is a fluid situation and US Squash is committed to ensuring a smooth transition back to normal tournament play when the suspension is lifted. This is currently planned for the weekend of May 9.

Many answers to common questions can be found on our FAQ page here which is continually being updated so please make sure to visit this page should you have any questions or concerns.

If you have concerns that are not answered on the FAQ page or general comments, please use this form. Your input remains important to our considerations moving forward.