Coaches and teaching professionals have a deep impact on our experience of squash and help uphold the sport’s core values of honesty, courtesy and respect.

Coaches are also uniquely positioned to deliver the core of US Squash’s mission: supporting lifelong meaningful positive engagement in squash and deserve our support. US Squash is a 501c3 nonprofit, and each year must fundraise more than 20% of its $5 million budget to cover costs while we also invest in the future, including coach training and development.

Donations in the first half of the calendar year permit US Squash to plan more effectively for the coming season. For this reason, US Squash is asking for your help to reach our $250,000 goal before our fiscal year ends on June 30.  We are hoping to attract 500 donors to the cause, and with 90% of our expenses focused on programs, not overhead, US Squash is committed to being the community leader you entrust to move the sport forward.

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Supporting Coaches and Growing Their Ranks

US Squash provides programs and services to help coaches and teaching professionals serve the community, including Level 1, 2 and 3 Coach Certification. Club Locker technology helps coaches follow players and provides organized play tools to bolster activity at schools, clubs and facilities. The Arlen Specter US Squash Center, opening in fall 2020, will play host to world-class coaching facilities and deliver innovative coach education models that will have nationwide impact.

The rapid growth of the sport in the U.S. has increased the need for a pipeline of qualified, well-trained coaches to support new and existing programs. US Squash initiatives like the Leadership Development Summer Internship program and close partnership with the College Squash Association (CSA) highlight squash as a viable career opportunity for graduating players, and US Squash also supports visa applications for top-qualified coaches to bring their knowledge to the U.S.

Contributions of any amount are appreciated and allow US Squash to continue its support of the growing squash community and the coaches that underpin it. Please join your fellow squash enthusiasts and give today.

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