Following the World Squash Federation’s (WSF) announcement earlier this year, Finland Squash has recently named Club Locker as the software system to operate its national federation. The comprehensive system supports the development of squash through a range of integrated functions including all aspects of tournament and league management from registration and scheduling to scoring and on-site support, as well as a globally relevant rating and ranking system, membership and database management capabilities and facility reservation and program management modules.

The mobile-first, web-based app allows players, coaches, teaching pros and clubs to connect seamlessly, enhances the ability to share information and communicate, while saves time and improves the player experience.  Other national federations are in the process of on-boarding to Club Locker and additional announcements are expected in the coming weeks and months.

This spring, the WSF accepted Club Locker as the exclusive World Championship Event Software and SPIN Database Management Provider, in addition to serving as a certified Event Software, allowing results to be imported into Club Locker from other nationally accredited tournaments and leagues around the world.

The Club Locker technology platform was initially developed for use in the United States by US Squash and has since been spun off as its own software firm named Reciprocitie which licenses it as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product to US Squash and other entities in support of the broader mission of growing squash participation and lifelong engagement in the sport.

US Squash President and CEO Kevin Klipstein welcomed the collaborative relationship with Finland by noting, “Through technology, national federations now have the opportunity to provide genuine value and connectivity across every aspect of the sport, including finding and matching players, tracking performance and rankings, organizing and managing competitions of all kinds, and supporting facilities.”

Klipstein also noted that since the cost to adopt and use the best-in-class software has essentially been eliminated by US Squash’s early investment and current use, the sport finds itself in a unique and enviable position as a sport to take advantage of the fact that all squash federations share the same mission-based focus, leveraging technology to work together, share best practices and build value for the global squash community, while remaining fully independent and able to innovate at the country level.